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Hiking is a huge part of what we do here at Nautilus Adventures. Having the vast amounts of open space here in Southern California is something that everyone should enjoy. Whether you are visiting from another state or a foreign country, or you’re just a local unfamiliar with the trails in the area, we offer are large variety of hikes in both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Contact one of our adventure guides today and we will design a hike that suites your interests, ability, and location. Our hikes vary in length from as long as 15 miles to as short as one mile. So if you are just a beginner and want to start your new adventurous lifestyle we can ease your way into the outdoor environment with some short hikes that include great vistas and hidden secrets. Also if you are already a seasoned outdoor hiker and need some guidance in new hikes, a companion for long hikes, or simply a guide to show you around, our highly trained and experienced staff can offer you the assistance you are looking for.

We will guide you through the hike and offer ad-hoc lessons on the environment and history of the different areas in and around our communities. Whether you are looking to get some exercise or just go for a stroll to see some spectacular views, we have a hike for you.


2 Hour hikes: 1-5 people = $50  |  6-10 people = $100  |  11 or more = $10 per person

3 Hour hikes: 1-5 people = $75  |  6-10 people = $150  |  11 or more = $15 per person 

* All hikes include a bottle of water, sunscreen, and environmental education.


Nautilus offers surf lessons in Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, Oxnard, and Ventura. The exact location will be determined with regards to weather, surf size, and surf ability.

Surf lessons will range from beginner to advanced. Beginners will receive an extensive education on; surf basics, surf etiquette, stance, paddling, reading the waves, and most importantly safety in the surf zone. Advanced surfers will be taken to more difficult and faster waves and be taught the basics in pumping, turning, and determining the quality of waves.

Surfing is a peaceful and rewarding activity, it takes a lot of patience and commitment to learn how to ride a wave and perform maneuvers. With the help of our instructors you will learn the most important of surf fundamentals. With a little time you will be catching waves and having a great time for years to come.


Private Lessons - $100 for 90 minutes

Group Lesson (2 or more)- $75per person for 90 minutes

*Surfboard and wetsuit rental included in prices

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the recreation industry. Our guides are all capable paddle board instructors that will take you on an adventure through the harbor or if you are really adventurous out into the surf to try and catch a couple of waves. Either way you will be enjoying the sun while floating on a paddle board on a beautiful summer day.


Private Lessons- $100 for 90 minutes

Group Lesson (2 or more)- $75per person for 90 minutes

*Paddleboard and wetsuit rental included in prices

Adventure Therapy

For most of our instructors our place to find peace and relaxation is the outdoors. We feel that any storm can be calmed by the sound of the waves rolling or by the simple pristine silence that you will find when you are hiking on a trail away from the crowds and noise of everyday life that can be overwhelming for just about anyone. Our adventure therapy sessions are used to assist people in finding the inner-peace necessary to perform well at work, school, or home.

Adventure therapy can be enjoyed as a group or in a one-on-one level.. Participating in outdoor adventure therapy contributes not only a better sense of self as an intrinsic value, but also helps our bodies to adjust to a natural and peaceful balance that only comes from fresh air, a solid workout, and positive company.

Adventure therapy is most effective when it is done on a regular basis. For the best results we recommend a weekly session that will vary each week in what activity you will perform in order to get you healthy, happy, and active. If you simply don’t have the time to commit to a weekly session we also offer a flexible schedule that can mean bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever may work for you.


Weekly (2hrs)

Private $400 per month

Group $300 per month

Monthly (2hrs)

Private $100 per month

Group $75 per month

Beach Day

A beach day is something we have developed for those groups that want to participate in all types of activities. During a beach day we will bring our easy up shade, surfboards, boogie boards, and paddle boards. Throughout the day we will assist the group with surf lessons, paddle board lessons, and boogie board lessons. We will make sure that each member of your group is enjoying the ocean to its fullest on whatever piece of equipment they choose to enjoy. This could be a great option for you all with little-ones out there looking for birthday or school party ideas. Also, inquire further with one of our guides about a day at the beach for corporate team-building.


$400 for a 4 hour beach day

*Includes two instructors & equipment


Ocean Safety

Our ocean safety courses offer peace of mind to those who want to be able to enjoy the ocean, but are still intimidated about challenging various depths. So, if you want to finally move past chest-deep, then our Nautilus guides can not only teach you about the various dynamics involved in ocean swimming, we can teach you about currents, beach types, wave types, and many other factors along the way to your confidence in the sea. Your first lesson will be composed of basic instruction, but if you stick along side Nautilus, you will be body-surfing your way back to shore in no-time.

Contact us now, and dependent upon your current swimming experience and comfort level in the ocean, we will cater a lesson plan to you or your group’s needs and make you the most ocean savvy of all beachgoers.


$100 for two 1 hour sessions

About Us

IMG_0455.JPGNautilus Adventures has been born out of the necessity in some of us that drives the desire to continue exploring and learning.

Such joys in life can only be enhanced by sharing them with others, whether the faces are new or their places are already warm in our hearts.

The title of ‘Nautilus’ in ‘Nautilus Adventures’ has been pulled from the pages of the groundbreaking science-fiction novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, written by Jules Verne in 1870. The ship, a submersible craft with none other than the infamous Captain Nemo at the helm, represented the ability to escape and explore worlds never before seen by modern man, and was used as a tool in the furthering of science and overall knowledge of the natural environment.

We here at Nautilus Adventures hope to serve you in the same fashion as the famous ship. We will become a vessel aimed at providing you with exciting new adventures that you can remember and share for a lifetime. Every individual involved with Nautilus Adventures has the audacious spirit kindred to that of the company’s exploratory foundation. We have all dedicated our lives to exploring and learning while we continue to improve and expand our skill sets as new adventures surface. Among our staff we have accomplished surfers, hikers, sailors, and really just all around qualified outdoorsmen and women who can ensure a safe and exciting experience that will leave you with the memories of a lifetime.

Myles Shuler

myles.jpgMyles grew up swimming and exploring all that Ventura County had to offer. Naturally he was drawn to surfing and lifeguarding and has been a beach lifeguard for 10 years. Additionally after graduating from the University of Southern California he spent two years in Panama serving in the Peace Corps. Myles is a well rounded waterman and outdoorsman who is bilingual and always ready for a new adventure.

Bryce Henderson

3383_10151395513970132_1445362392_n.jpgBryce is our resident outdoorsman. Growing up with a family that loved the outdoors he learned many necessary skills for hiking, backpacking, and climbing. As well as being an accomplished outdoorsman Bryce has been a beach lifeguard for ten years. After attending Long Beach State, Bryce is ready to share all of the knowledge he has accumulated over the years.

Eveline Van Brande

375427_10150476348439329_807269328_8333809_1954241506_n.jpgEveline is our transplant-wonder. Eveline was born in Belgium and moved to California when she was twelve years old. She quickly adopted the laid back California lifestyle and has been schooling people surfing ever since. Eveline graduated from Cal Lutheran University with a B.S. in Environmental Science and has a wealth of knowledge to offer anyone that gets a lesson or a tour.

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